Space & the City, Part 2, featuring Devorah Block

“What we are looking at as a global society, in different shades and in different ways and with different contexts and nuances, and what a lot of people are seeking out, is putting a real value on the human again. With the difference that it’s the human contextualized within our larger living ecosystem, not person first, but that we need to somehow live in balance with all the forms of life that are around us.” Devorah Block, Strategy & Engagement Educator & Advisor for the Third Sector, Salon of Urban Architecture & Circles Squared

What is the future of our cities? What’s changing and what needs to change and how can we as citizens be agents of urban transformation? Join me and special guest, Devorah Block, as we continue our conversation about the built environment and discuss her work with the Place Literacy Project regarding how we use space, how we get to and move within our spaces, and the significance of adaptation, inclusion, education, and sustainability in architecture today. We also touch upon how our cities are designed, how those decisions are made, and how we can empower people to ask questions about the built environment that will ultimately change the way our cities are designed. Furthermore, we speak at length about the Salon of Urban Architecture. Much more than a salon, S/UA is an intellectual space in Florence, a real gem in the city’s cultural landscape, created by Karin Templin, Ros Diamond, and Devorah, where dialogues around urbanism, that use Florence’s role as a natural classroom, are currently happening. Imagine an intimate gathering of people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and professions coming together as a community in an archetypal Florentine space to exchange ideas and ask questions about the way we live.

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