Ask Fosca’s Cultural Cicchetti

Cicchetti are scrumptious and beloved “little bites”, typically accompanied by a Spritz, Prosecco, or glass of wine, and served at bacari (traditional Venetian wine bars). In this space, I like to share cultural cicchetti, small tidbits and curiosities, that I put together to give you a taste of Italian culture and leave you hungry for more!
Filing taxes as an American in Italy :: Fosca D'Aceirno

Taxing Italy

Demystifying the process of filing tax returns in two countries 🥸 As a US expat parent living in Italy

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Confetti and Stars

Filastrocca Italiana, Italian Nursery Rhyme (translation mine)  Buon giorno, Febbraio,Dear February, hello, che mangi frittelleyou, that eat fritters che

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