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Your US Insider in Italy

I'm Fosca

I am a proud Italian American, born and raised in New Jersey.

Italy was always a part of my story, but I had only visited as a child until I returned after my first year at Bryn Mawr College for a summer in Rome.

Little did I know that those two months would change the trajectory of my life forever.

Every day I found myself face to face with immense, exceptional, and rarified beauty, even in the most mundane things.

When I set foot in Florence, it was love at first sight and something magical happened. I knew it was where I was meant to be.

Italy revolutionized my worldview, formed my aesthetic, and shook me to the core.

After a year of study abroad in Florence, graduate work in Italian Studies at Brown University, and some back and forth between the US and Italy, I finally packed my bags and took the leap definitively.

I moved to Italy, got married, had a baby, divorced, dated as an adult, and even found love again. I have bought and sold homes, and did several jobs before settling into my more than two-decade career in study abroad at Stanford University.

I live in Italy as an insider. I am raising my bilingual and bicultural daughter here, and have seen her go from private daycare up until public high school (where we are right now). I even managed to get my Italian driver’s license, perhaps the most challenging thing I ever had to do in Italy!

I am in a privileged position of cultural fluency after years of cultivating my professional and personal life in Italy.

Now I want to share my knowledge, expertise, and vast, diversified, and trusted network of collaborators, partners, and professionals with you.

Our Mission

Help others engage in international experiences to become better global citizens

We owe it to our planet, our fellow humans, and to those who will come after us to be better citizens, which for me means being true global citizens.
Spending time in another country, immersed in another culture in a contemplated way, signifies engaging actively in difference, acknowledging and really hearing a multiplicity of voices and seeing variegated worldviews.
It is never just about what we learn in the classroom.  It’s the way we creatively and innovatively apply our theoretical knowledge to our experiences out in the world, the ones that shape, challenge, and develop us, and then we bring back home a more enlightened, tolerant, and understanding version of ourselves and become agents of universal change.

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