Space & the City, Part 1, featuring Devorah Block

“I think Italy has something special about it. There’s a quality of life but also a quality to the life here which is probably impossible to replicate anywhere else.” Devorah Block, Strategy & Engagement Educator & Advisor for the Third Sector, Salon of Urban Architecture & Circles Squared

Devorah Block In this first part of our chat, Devorah and I speak about chance encounters, her journey to Italy, and how the country has impacted her personally and professionally and continues to do so to this day. In addition to tracing the truly remarkable path to where she is right now, Devorah and I also talk about raising children in Italy, community building, working across borders, the real challenges of choosing to make one’s life in Italy as an expat, and her work with organizations across the third sector to develop strategies and programs with a particular focus on internal commitment, public engagement, and social change. Finally we look at how she pivoted from museum education to concentrating on the built environment, and begin to address how the spaces we inhabit shape our lives, and what is happening at the Salon of Urban Architecture, a new and exciting appearance on the Florentine cultural scene, where important dialogues around urbanism are taking place as we speak.

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