From East to West: Art, Aesthetics & Sustainable Fashion, Part 1, featuring Vea Chen

“In the museums, when you go there, you feel like you’re taking a bath, it’s like a bath in art. And then you just feel a whole refresh, your eyes are brighter, and you see things in different colors. I feel like art influences a person subconsciously a lot, much more than what you can think with your logic. After I go to the Uffizi, even after three days, the effects start to emerge in me.” Vea Chen

Imagine a dream, a recurring dream, that leads you to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. That’s part of today’s story, that of Vea Chen, and of her journey from Singapore to Italy, driven by a revelation she had while on vacation in Japan, and of what she is doing to make her real-life dream of establishing a business centered around sustainable fashion with healing properties a reality. In this first part of our conversation, we hear more about her love of art, the importance of aesthetics, her vision of fashion today, her company’s mission, and her ultimate aspiration of adding color, beauty, slow fashion, and a human touch to people’s lives. Tune in to hear more about what drew Vea to Florence, why she chose to study and make her life here, and why she feels that it is the ideal place for her to be working as a sustainable fashion entrepreneur today.

Vea Chen Biography

Vea Chen was born in China and earned a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Subsequently, she spent five years working with US Multinational corporations. Her exposure to luxury perfumeries during her professional journey sparked a keen interest in fashion. While on vacation in Japan, the philosophy of respecting nature and craftsmanship deeply resonated with her, leading to the realization that her true passion lies in the creative industry and art. Motivated by this revelation, she made the decision to pursue studies in fashion at Polimoda in Italy with the goal of establishing a business centered around sustainable fashion with healing properties. She firmly believes that fashion plays a significant role in people’s lives, influencing emotions and adding vibrancy. In an era dominated by the starkness of black in street fashion and people’s attention are drawn to the online world, her aspiration is to add color, beauty, slow fashion, and human touch to people’s lives.

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