Accessible Study Abroad: Verto Education’s Winning Model, Part 2, featuring Cristiana Gallai, Florence Center Director, Verto Education

In the second part of our two-part conversation, Cristiana Gallai and I dig deeper into the experience of Verto Education’s first year students in Florence, discuss the ins and outs of study abroad, and ask what Florence and Italy still have to offer to our future leaders. We also reflect upon our role as educators, the importance of building community and bridges, and how to ensure that Generation Z students coming to Florence from the world over can be agents of change in the city and in the world.

Cristiana Gallai’s Biography

Born in the picturesque town of Bergamo in the north of Italy, I was raised in my paternal city of Florence, the place that I call home, the place where I would grow, learn, and discover my passion for international education. From an early age, I was fascinated with foreign languages and cultures that ignited my wanderlust. I embarked on numerous journeys, exploring the diverse tapestry of our global community. During my master’s degree in foreign languages and literature at the University of Florence I joined the Erasmus program for a semester in Paris, France, for a study abroad experience that tested my resilience and resourcefulness. This experience, though far from what I had expected, instilled in me a profound understanding of my own strengths and the importance of support systems in education. I decided to dedicate myself to improving the lives of international students. After a successful tenure at the Florence University of the Arts, where I fulfilled various roles in student affairs and institutional relations, I embarked on a new journey in the fall of 2021. I assumed the role of Florence Center Director for Verto Education, a transformative first-year academic program. I am driven by a deep conviction that education is not only a means of personal and professional growth but also a powerful tool for fostering social inclusion and equity. I envision education as a path to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in a fair and inclusive society. I feel privileged to be able to participate and contribute to this field with my daily work and to mentor future generations of professionals with enthusiasm and commitment.

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