Italy Inside You: Adventures, Connections & Metamorphoses featuring Emma Wood

“Italy changed my DNA in a sense. After a career spanning several different things, a year ago, I launched my executive coaching business. I’m working with execs, founders, and rising leaders. Through a coaching perspective I wanted some of the same things that I love about Italy, like slowing down and really connecting and getting […]

Unveilings: Restoration up close and personal with Elizabeth Wicks

“You have a relationship with the artist. This was a painting in which she put an idealized version of her face, so I am looking at her and working on her and we were communicating on so many different levels.” Elizabeth Wicks on restoring Artemisia Gentileschi’s Allegory of Inclination. This past March, Elizabeth Wicks, renowned […]

The Art of Sprezzatura featuring Alexandria Brown-Hejazi

“I really felt like I came alive here. Life felt simultaneously easier and harder, but underneath all of that, more inspiring and enlivening. And it’s something that I just couldn’t leave.” Alexandria Brown-Hejazi In this special, long episode featuring art historian Alexandria Brown-Hejazi, we begin by speaking about her journey from California to Italy, in […]