Beautiful Deep: A Journey of Faith, part 2, Featuring Sherrita Duran

“I think the world right now is so dark, darker than ever, you know, and I think about what I can do and in whatever capacity I can, I want to be the opposite of that. I want to bring light. I want to bring faith.” Sherrita Duran In the second half of my conversation […]

Beautiful Deep: A Journey of Faith, part 1, Featuring Sherrita Duran

Beautiful Deep: A Journey of Faith, Part 1 Featuring Sherrita Duran “I fell in love with opera, I fell in love with Puccini and Verdi, and I went to USC (University of Southern California), to the music school there, because that was my passion. I’m going to be an opera singer. That’s all I want […]

The Power of Leaving & Returning, part 2 featuring Lucia Ducci

“Going back to Sarah Parker Remond, this city has a long history of what nowadays we call inclusion. At the time it was cosmopolitanism, right? This city is very, very open and welcoming and, you know, it has its challenges, but I would like to quote a student of mine who last week told me […]

The Power of Leaving & Returning, part 1 featuring Lucia Ducci

“So, all these practical or academic challenges that we might encounter or have encountered are really important steps that helped me, that help anybody, who’s on this path to grow and to progress, personally and academically; and this is the most important thing, progress, to progress, that you are progressing.” Lucia Ducci This first part […]

La Giustizia & Il Futuro, Part 2, featuring Sara Celati

In questa seconda parte della mia chiacchierata con Sara Celati entriamo di più nella sua storiapersonale, parlando dei suoi prossimi obiettivi, le sue passioni e com’è stato partecipare come concorrente e vincere uno dei game show più amati dagli italiani, l’Eredità. Continuiamo a riflettere sul lavoro e lo studio, sulle ingiustizie e la giustizia e […]

Space & the City, Part 2, featuring Devorah Block

“What we are looking at as a global society, in different shades and in different ways and with different contexts and nuances, and what a lot of people are seeking out, is putting a real value on the human again. With the difference that it’s the human contextualized within our larger living ecosystem, not person […]